«Nikolskie Ryady» to preserve its historic colour

06 February 2017

The restoration works of a historic Nikolskie Ryady building, situated in the heart of St. Petersburg, is in full swing. The completion of works is planned for Summer 2018 when a new multifunctional hotel complex including a three-star Holiday Inn Express hotel and a hostel operated by Meininger Hotels will be opened.

By now, a whole number of works has already been completed: the design concept of the hotel complex has been developed together with the hotel operators; architectural firm “Liteynaya Chast 91” presented the design for public spaces and the courtyard; restoration work of building’s facades has started and is well under way.

As mentioned before, the project and the new concept focus on retaining original historical features of the construction.

Thus, one of the key decisions was to preserve the historic colour of the Nikolskiy Market building. Over the last couple of weeks special works have been done to identify the historic colour on various parts of the building. It has been determined that the colour of the building changed over time: in different historic periods it varied between ochre-yellow (a typical colour for markets) and greenish-blue, the colour of nearby standing St.Nicholas’ Naval Cathedral and of Seldyanye Ryady as they appear on Nikolay Lanceray’s watercolour painting.

To create a single ensemble with St.Nicholas’ Naval Cathedral it has been decided, together with the Committee for State preservation of historical and cultural monuments (KGIOP), to restore the building’s historical cool shade of blue.

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